June 2017

Green Futures' Jessica Mann will be speaking at the AIHA Conference in Seattle.  "Going Green: Applying IH Concepts in Nontraditional Ways"  will be an interactive session that explores ways that Industrial Hygienists and Safety & Health professionals can expand their impact.

December 2014

Read about the synergies between green chemistry and worker safety & health  in "Reducing Chemical-Related Injury and Illness: Hazard Warnings Under OSHA's GHS and a Role for Green Chemistry," recently published in Bloomberg BNA.  ​Request a complimentary on the Green Chemistry page.

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January 2015

Green Futures is pleased to be affiliated with  the University of California San Diego Extension's Sustainable Business certificate program.

Explore. Learn. Do.

For more info about the program go to www.extension.ucsd.edu

May 2016

The American Industrial Hygiene Association presented Jessica Mann with a volunteer group service award at its 2016  meeting in Baltimore, MD, for her "dedication and service to the Stewardship and Sustainability Committee."  A heartfelt "Thank You!" for being given this honor.   


January 2016

​​​​​"Green Chemistry: A How-to Guide for OSH Professionals" by Jessica Mann and published in AIHA's The Synergist, explains how occupational safety & health professionals can leverage sustainability and green chemistry as a powerful new way to protect worker health. 

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