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The New Reality: 21st Century Fire Drills

The "Awful Puns" Department

The Majestic Plastic Bag

The classic nature film spoof - right down to the hushed British narrator. You will never look at a plastic bag (or a Teacup Yorkie) the same ever again...

A Conference Call in Real Life

For those who spend their days in conference calls, this one will ring so true (and SO hilarious!)

If the Earth could speak...

Gotta Laugh

We've heard it before: 

Environmentalists are just a bunch of gloomy pessimists who love to predict the end of the planet...   

And sorry to say, Industrial Hygienists and Safety Engineers don't have have a much better reputation (something about Lethal Dose LD50s and those gory accident videos...)

So to lighten things up, please enjoy a little EH&S-themed humor.

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