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The New Reality: 21st Century Fire Drills

The Majestic Plastic Bag

The classic nature film spoof - right down to the hushed British narrator. You will never look at a plastic bag (or a Teacup Yorkie) the same ever again...

If the Earth could speak...

The "Awful Puns" Department

A Conference Call in Real Life

For those who spend their days in conference calls, this one will ring so true (and SO hilarious!)

Gotta Laugh

We've heard it before: 

Environmentalists are just a bunch of gloomy pessimists who love to predict the end of the planet...   

And sorry to say, Industrial Hygienists and Safety Engineers don't have have a much better reputation (something about Lethal Dose LD50s and those gory accident videos...)

So to lighten things up, please enjoy a little EH&S-themed humor.

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