The Science of Making Stuff 

We are undergoing a radical global transformation in the way businesses manage and regulate toxic chemicals. Through various regulatory schemes and private industry initiatives, shock waves are being sent through the global chemical economy, with ripple effects on chemical manufacturers, chemical vendors and suppliers, retailers, and consumers.

New initiatives, by the states (including California's Safer Consumer Products law and others), international laws such as Europe’s REACH and a host of new regulations in the growing Asian markets, and major retailers such as Walmart and Target, are accelerating the need for change.  Businesses can no longer afford a "business-as-usual" approach to the world of chemicals management.   

Green Chemistry is an approach to product design, manufacture, and operations that strives to eliminate or reduce the use of toxic chemicals, to meet the demands of governments, retailers, and consumers for "greener" products and processes. 

Green Chemistry

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Green Futures can help your business develop strategies for successful "greening" of your operations and your products:

  • Green Chemistry strategy

  • Hazard Assessment & Alternatives Analysis 

  • Exposure & Risk Assessment

  • ​Green Design/Design for Environment

  • Process Redesign

  • Greening the Supply Chain

  • Labels and Safety Data Sheets​

  • Employee Education & Awareness training

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