Green Buildings

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What's all this about LEED?

What is LEED all about, anyway? Think it's just about getting points and a fancy plaque for the wall, with some flashy pictures of brand-new gleaming office towers? 

In fact, the Green Buildings movement (led by the U.S. Green Buildings Council, among others) is so much more than that.  The concepts are applicable to all types of buildings, new or existing, small or large.

Whether it's through "greener" building materials, less toxic cleaning and maintenance products (thanks to, yes, green chemistry!), low water use fixtures, energy-saving measures, Facility and Building Managers can lower their operating costs, increase their asset value, qualify for money saving incentives - and make their employees and occupants happy and productive with a healthier indoor environment.

LEED, indeed.


Green Futures can help your business design and implement Green Building strategies and practices, such as: 

  • ​Verification for GRI, GRESB, CDP, etc.

  • LEED Certification  

  • Building Materials Evaluations 

  • "Green" Operations & Maintenance (janitorial, painting, pest control, etc.)

  • Lab Fume hoods (energy savings, user training) 

  • Water Conservation

  • Storm-Water Management

  • Indoor Air Quality 

  • Waste Minimization & Recycling

  • Employee & Occupant Awareness Training

  • Commuting & Transportation

​​ LEED credit for Occupational Safety & Health


Through partnership with NIOSH the U.S. Green Building Council recently posted a new pilot “Prevention through Design” credit to its LEED Pilot Credit Library.

The credit is designed to help reduce worker injuries by addressing two important building life-cycle phases: operations and maintenance, and construction. (A great example of integration between "green" and "safety & health!")

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